Dine in Menu


Fried Entrees
Onion Pakora ( 6 pieces ) Freshly sliced onions mixed with spices and chick pea flour and gently fried. $7. 00
Potato Bhonda ( 6 pieces ) Potatoes mashed and mixed with Taj special mild spices in chick pea batter and deep fried. $7. 00
Vegetable or Meat Samosa ( 2 pieces ) Mildly spiced vegetable or beef mince seasoned with fresh herbs, filled into homemade pastry and gently deep fried golden. $7. 00
Coconut Prawns ( 6 pieces ) Fresh Prawns marinated with chef’s special spices and coated in coconut then gently fried. $11. 50
Calamari Rings ( 6 Pieces ) Fresh calamari dusted with rice flour, pepper, fresh lemon juice and served with dip. $10.00
Mixed Platter ( 6 pieces ) 1 meat samosa, 1 vegetable samosa, 1 onion pakora, 1 potato bhonda, 1 calamari ring and 1 coconut prawn. $12.50
Taj special Chicken Kebab ( 4 pieces ) Boneless Fresh Chicken marinated with ginger, garlic, fresh curry leafs and corn, plain flour with Tajh special mild spices gently fried. $9.50



Tandoori Entrees
Kastoori Tikka (4 pieces ) Fresh chicken marinated with ginger, garlic, lime juice, yoghurt and dry fenugreek leaves, baked in tandoori oven. $11.00
Tandoori Chickens Half chicken marinated with Tandoori spices in yoghurt and cooked in Tandoori oven. $11.00
Chicken Tikka ( 4 pieces ) Fresh chicken mixed with Taj special spices, yoghurt with lime juice and cooked in Tandoori oven. $11.00
Barra Kebab ( 2 pieces ) Lamb cutlets with very popular north Indian special spices and grilled. $11.00


Main Meals
Butter Chicken Boneless tandoori chicken cooked with tomatoes ground almonds and chef’s special spices in a smooth thick gravy finished with cream. $17.50
Mango Chicken A popular North Indian chicken curry cooked with fresh garlic and finished with mango puree and fresh coriander. $17.50
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken tikka cooked in a ground almond curry with capsicum, tomato, onion and coriander. $17.50
Khorma ( chicken/ lamb/ beef) Traditional creamy khorma sauce with ground cashew nuts. $17.50
Saagwala ( Chicken/ Lamb/ Beef) Cooked with fresh ginger and spinach, finished with cream. $17.50
Madras ( Chicken / Lamb / Beef) An aromatic South Indian curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, flavored with fresh curry leaves and coconut cream. $17.50
Pepper Fry ( Chicken / Lamb / Beef ) Medium or Hot Only!
A very popular traditional South Indian dish, pan fried with fresh garlic, curry leaves onionsm tomatoes with Chef’s special Indian spices, finished with crushed black pepper.
Jal Frezi ( Chicken / Lamb/ Beef) Panfried fresh garlic, cumin seeds with fresh tomatoes, onion and capsicum mixed with chef’s special masala to make a nice gravy taste. $17.50
Vindaloo ( Chicken / Lamb / Beef ) Hot Only!
A traditional spicy hot curry from Goa cooked with fresh chilli and potato.
Rogan Josh ( Lamb or Beef ) An aromatic curry cooked with fresh coriander, fried onion and cashew nuts. $17.50
Masala ( Lamb or Beef ) Popular dish from North India, pan fried, fresh garlic, onion, tomato, potato and green peas, with Chef’s special Masala. $17.50
Chicken Lahori Boneless Tandoori chicken cooked with almond sauce and chef’s special spices finished with fresh spinach and ginger. $17.50

All mains available in Mild, Medium or Hot unless otherwise specified and served with complimentary rice.


Seafood Curries
Fish Molee Fresh fish cooked with tomatoes, onions and coconut cream and finished with fresh coriander and curry leaves. $18.50
Fish Masala Pan Fried ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, fresh fish and home-made masala, finished with fresh herbs. $18.50
Taj Special Seafood Curry Very special way of making Taj special seafood with combination of prawn, fish, calamari, fin ished with curry leaves and coconut cream. $18.50
Prawn Molee Fresh Prawns cooked with tomatoes, onions, coconut cream and finished with coriander and curry leaves. $18.50
Prawn Masala Fresg king prawns cooked with almond paste, capsicum, onions and finished with fresh coriander.
Prawns Vindaloo Hot Only ! Spicy prawn curry cooked with vinegar and potato. $18.50
Butter Prawns Fresh king prawns cooked with ground almonds, garlic and spinach, mixed with creamy tomato almond sauce. $18.50

All mains available in Mild, Medium or Hot unless otherwise specified and served with complimentary rice.


Vegetable Curries
Kashmiri Kofta Mildly spicy balls of potato and cottage cheese, cooked in a curry of tomatoes, spices and ground almonds. $15.00
Malai Kofta A very traditional Indian dish cooked with spicy balls of potato with cottage cheese and special cashew nut paste, finished cream and fresh herbs. $15.00
Vegetable Jal Frezi Pan fried vegetables with cumin seeds, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and fresh coriander. $15.00
Vegetable Khorma Fresh garden vegetables cooked in spices, cashew paste, finished with coriander. $15.00
Vegetable Saagwala A combination of seasonal vegetables in a spinach curry. $15.00
Vegetable Madras An aromatic south Indian curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, curry leaves, fresh garden vegetables and coconut cream. $15.00
Palak Paneer Traditional cottage cheese cooked with spinach, spices, garlic, ginger, tomato and onions. $15.00
Aloo Matar Masala Potato and peas stir fry with onion, tomato and chef’s special spices and finished with fresh coriander. $15.00
Paneer Butter Masala Homemade cottage cheese cooked in pan fried garlic, Taj special mild spices in a smooth thick gravy, finished with cream. $15.00
Paneer Tikka Masala Traditional cottage cheese cooked in ground almond curry with capsicum, tomato, onion and fresh coriander. $15.00
Dhal Tadka Lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic and fresh coriander. $15.00
Dhal Saggwala A lentil curry cooked with tomatoes and onions, flavored with spinach. $15.00


Indian Breads
Naan (Plain ) A soft bread made of plain flour. $3.00
Naan (Garlic) A soft bread made of plain flour with garlic. $3.50
Cheese or Cheese & Garlic Naan Naan stuffed with cheese and fresh onion. $4.00
Cheese and Spinach Naan Naan stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach. $4.00
Kashmiri Naan Naan with dried fruit stuffing and coconut. $4.00
Potato Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with mildly spiced mash potatoes and coriander. $4.00
Chicken Naan Naan with chicken tikka stuffing. $4.00
Spicy Naan Tandoori Naan topped with garlic, chilli and Taj special blended herbs and spices. $3.50
Roti A traditional bread made of wholemeal flour. $3.00
Paratha Flaky wholesome bread. $4.00
Aloo Paratha Wholemeal bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes. $4.00

All breads are baked in a traditional Indian Tandoori oven.


KIDS SET MEAL Kids set meal is a combination of a choice of mango chicken or butter chicken,1 baby naan, 1 chicken kebab and fresh salad. $14.00
TAJ FAMILY BANQUET MEAL Taj family banquet offers you to enjoy 1 mixed platter, any choice of 2 curries (chicken/ lamb/ beef/ vegetable), complementary basmati saffron rice, 1 plain or garlic naan bread, 1 raita, 1 serve of pappadum and choice of 2 desserts. $50.00
BANQUET OF TAJ choice of seafood curry $2 extra each Banquet of Taj offers you to enjoy and choice of 2 curries, complementary basmati saffron rice, 1 plain or garlic naan bread, 1 raita, 1 serve of pappadum. $38.00
GROUP SET MEAL choice of seafood curry $2 extra each Taj offers for group dinners, onion pakora and potato bondha as entree, naan breads and choice of any 4 curries (chicken/ lamb/beef/vegetable). Minimum of 8 people $22p/p



Biriyani (Chicken/Lamb/Beef) $17.50
Prawn Biriyani $18.50
Vegetable Biriyani $15.00

Basmati rice cooked with fresh herbs and spices.


Side Dishes
Pappadum (4 pieces )
Pickle (Mixed/ Chilli/ Lime)
Chutney (Sweet Mango / Mint)
Yoghurt and Cucumber Raita
Indian Salad (Mixed with tomato, onion, cucumber and Taj special spices)


Gulab Jamun ( 6 pieces) Milk dumplings in a cardamom and rose water finished with sugar syrup served with ice cream. $5.00
Mango Kulfi A frozen Indian desert made from reduced milk thickened with cream and a special selections of nuts. $5.00


Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonado /Fanta 375m Can $3.50
Coke/ Diet Cocke/ Lemonado/ Fanta 1.251 Bottle $5.50
Water $3.50
Ginger Beer $5.00

Almonds and cashew nuts are used extensively in Indian cooking and traces may be found in all dishes on our menu.